加メランコリック・ポップデュオ Fjord、9/16にデビューアルバム『Textures』を発売


カナダ/ケベック州出身のThomas CasaultとLouis-Étienne Santaisによるデュオ Fjordが、9/16にリリースするデビューアルバム『Textures』から 'I Get It Now'を公開!

"We wanted to make a melancholic, yet, intense electro pop song about the ambiguity sometimes present in relationships; love, lust, loss & things left unsaid. The foundation of the song unfolded itself quicker than for any song we had ever made before. We had just gotten back from our shows at M for Montreal, sat down in the studio and recorded random ideas just for fun, for an hour or so. Next morning, it hit us both. We had the main components of the song locked in. We even kept Thomas’ original voice track from that night because we could not achieve to capture that same essence anymore." ー Fjord