ナッシュビルのアメリカーナSSW、Erin Raeが新曲 'Wild Blue Wind'を公開

Erin Rae 1

今月はじめに素晴らしいシングル 'Like The First Time'を発表したばかりのシンガーソングライター Erin Raeが、6/23リリースのニューシングル 'Wild Blue Wind'を公開!

“This one was inspired by various experiences of people I care about, and all of our struggles to regulate our mental and emotional health. The song references several different people and conversations, each of them reminding me of my own internal process. We all have mental health that needs managing, and we are all on a spectrum. Anxiety, depression, addiction, codependency; we all experience it in some form, directly or indirectly.”