ナッシュビルの60's全開なSSW、Erin Raeが 'Like The First Time'を公開

Erin Rae

テネシー州ナッシュビルを拠点に活動するシンガーソングライター Erin Raeが、6/9リリースのニューシングル 'Like The First Time'を公開!


"Like The First Time is about making the mistake of thinking I can control how someone else perceives me or how they feel about me. It's about the pit in your stomach feeling after you go against what you feel is right, to try to keep someone from being angry with you. How it's super sad to disregard how you feel to try to appease another person. I think that's why this ones more angsty sounding. Lots of pent up emotion in that."

Like the First Time
Erin Rae
The Refuge Foundation for the Arts