ポストパンクバンド DEADLETTER、'Fit For Work'を公開


ヨークシャー出身サウスロンドン拠点のポストパンクバンド DEADLETTERが、9/9にリリースしたニューシングル 'Fit For Work'を公開!


以前は別の名前で活動していたDEADLETTERは5月にデビュー曲 'Good Old Days'を発表したばかりのニューカマーですが、これまでに Squid, Viagra Boys, Avalanche Partyのサポートを務めていて今後の活躍が期待できるバンドです。


“Fit For Work was a concept a long time before it was a song. As a band, and as a writer, we [I] have always regarded the call and response strategy as biblical. The idea of having a conversation during the delivery of art leads to this absurd metaphysical tangent of acknowledging your art is art whilst performing it; similar to when artists use the line “I wrote this song for you because…” what they are doing, when you think about it, is taking away the idea that what they’re creating exists in itself, and is in fact an entity that exists in a wholly real world.” - Zac Woolley