サイケポップバンド Cousin Kula、'McLovin' You'を公開

Cousin Kula

イングランド/ブリストル出身のサイケデリックポップバンド Cousin Kulaが、10/27にChiverinからリリースしたニューシングル 'McLovin' You'を公開!

近日リリース予定のEP『The Casa Kula Cassette』収録曲。



“‘McLovin You’ kind of signifies a shift towards writing more soul influenced tunes. Just enjoying the simplicity of songs as they present themselves, not fucking with them too much, and not trying to smear lyrics with too much weirdness, it felt okay and actually liberating to just write lyrics that just lay naked and obvious. 'I'll never forget loving you'. The tune serves as a farewell to the biggest love of my life, but not a goodbye forever thing, just like a - I’ll always love you kinda thing.” - Elliott Ellison