パリのエレクトロバンド Conference of the Birds、'Satan Is Wiser'のMVを公開

Foe Martial

フランス/パリ出身のインディー・エレクトロバンド Conference of the Birdsが、3/29にリリースしたデビューEPから 'Satan Is Wiser'のMVを公開!

"the song Satan is Wiser is about a form of oppression and the feeling of escape that comes from it. We chose to film on the Break dike in Dunkirk, which by its very nature represents this feeling: on the one hand, we see oppressive fumes emitting from factories and refineries, and on the other hand, separated by a 6 km long concrete strip, we can admire the North Sea as far as the eye can see."

Conference of the Birds
Conference Of The Birds
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