インディーポップバンド CIEL、'Never Alone Again'を公開



イングランド/ブライトン拠点のインディーポップバンド CIELが、5/26にリリースしたニューシングル 'Never Alone Again'を公開!

プロデュースは Steven Ansell (Blood Red Shoes)、マスタリングは Robin Schmidt (The 1975, Wolf Alice, The Black Keys)が手掛けた新曲。以前紹介した曲と同じようにシューゲイズ・ドリームポップ由来の音楽性から少しずつ変化していってる様が魅力的です。


“Sometimes I spend quite a long time crafting the lyrics for a certain song. This wasn’t the case for ‘Never Alone Again’. The lyrics were just there, like they appeared out of nowhere, but they were accurately reflecting my feelings at the time.

It’s quite scary to me to release this song into the world as the lyrics are very personal and intimate. I never really speak much about these feelings from the past to people around me - even close friends. But it’s the reason why this song feels really close and honest to me. It’s a part of my life’s story. I think it’s important to actually be able to speak about these subjects more openly in our society.” - Michelle Hindriks


Live Dates

June 5th - De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-On-Sea
June 26th - The Victoria, London
July 15th - The Prince Albert, Brighton
July 18th - Welcome To The Village Festival, The Netherlands
Oct 1st - The Hope & Ruin, Brighton