コンポーザー Chassol、'Rollercoaster Pt.1 & 2'のMVを公開

Flavien Prioreau

フランス出身のミュージシャン・コンポーザー Chassolが、3/6にTricatelからリリースするニューアルバム『LUDI』より、'Rollercoaster Pt.1 & 2'のMVを公開!

Chassolこと Christophe Chassolは、Phoenix, Sebastian Tellierのコラボレーターで、 Frank Ocean『Blond』の制作、Solange『When I Get Home』のプロデュースに携わったほか、映画・TV、インスタレーションなど多岐にわたる分野で活躍する音楽家。



We first tried to get on the ride with our sound engineer wearing a big black trench hiding his mics, but were instantly kicked off by my cousin & I went back 2 days later with a hidden GoPro and were able to do 2 rides before they saw us filming on their cameras....They chased us for 10 mins after that....but didn't get us....that was epic. As for the music I wanted to pay homage to The Cure's 'Jumping Someone else's train' and its video clip of a rail road filmed backwards from the rear of a train. - Chassol


こちらは収録曲 'Savana, Céline, Aya, Pt.1 & 2'のMV。