ブリスベンのインディーロックバンド Born Joy Dead、EPから 'Sinkhole Holiday'を公開

Patrice Gusset


オーストラリア/ブリスベン出身のインディーロックバンド Born Joy Deadが、10月リリース予定のEP『Throw Us In The Fire』から 'Sinkhole Holiday'を公開!

“Sinkhole Holiday is in itself, a little four-minute journey. I wanted to explore some of the shittier personal things that have plagued me from time to time like anxiety, stress and doubt and portray them in a way that makes the listener feel just as lost as I was. But, as holidays end, so do shit times, so there’s a kind of ‘Keep your chin up,’ vibe happening in there too.” - Ben Dalton