Beverly Kills、'Amour Fou'を公開

Jakob Ekvall


スウェーデン/ヨーテボリ拠点のドリームポップバンド Beverly Killsが、5/19にWelfare Sounds & Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Amour Fou'を公開!

楽曲のプロデュースは Per Stålberg, Kalle Lilja。





“Amour Fou is a song that has been with us since 2019. It was written in the spring, between days of sunburns and bathing in the sea, during a period where we were trying to shy away from writing pop songs. Since then it has been there in the periphery, a love story waiting for the right context.”


Amour Fou
Beverly Kills
Welfare Sounds & Records