Lucas Masoliver

イングランド/ロンドン拠点のオルタナティヴポップバンド beachtownが、10/28にYoung Poetからリリースしたニューシングル『Homesmaker / Spin』より、'Homesmaker'のMVを公開!

beachtownは Zaine Masoliver, Fred Cowanの2人組。2019年、キングストンで行われたギグの列に並んでいたときに、紛失したチケットを探してる際に話しかけたのがきっかけで結成したバンドです。

『Homesmaker / Spin』は Rupert Lyddon (Wolf Alice, King Nun)を共同プロデューサーに迎えたシングル。

Conor Albert, WOOZE, Alex Amorなど、どこかひねりのあるポップ・ミュージックの巧者が集うYoung Poetらしいデュオですね。


“Homesmaker is about social interactions. The feeling of passing by or being passed by people; moments where you'd rather be alone, are overthinking social situations, or wishing you’d said something but haven’t had the energy to interact with people by virtue of being low on social battery. The lyric "eaten by the words" is really powerful to us as it relates to that idea of words meaning more than they are and that regret you can feel after saying something without thinking about it first. Growing up in Menorca before moving back to the UK, I was homeschooled in a small village in the middle of nowhere where I felt disconnected from all the other kids my age... in essence Homesmaker is heavily influenced by that sense of isolation.”


Homesmaker / Spin
Young Poet