カナダのサイケポップバンド Anemone、'Memory Lane'のMVを公開

Maya Fuhr

カナダ/モントリオール拠点のChloé Soldevilaを中心に結成されたバンド Anemoneが、2/15にLuminelle Recordingsからリリースするデビューアルバム『Beat My Distance』より、'Memory Lane'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Laura-Lynn Petrick。

"Memory Lane is reminiscent of one's unrepairable distance from another - the other not giving enough care to a mutual romance in an opportune time, causing both people to move on in separate directions. The outro of the song acts as a lullaby; a soothing, melodic repetition that breaths a fantasy of slowly building the inner-strength to accept that those memories can no longer be the future. Passionate events that once seemed stronger than anything slowly fade away as your inner strength grows ~ it is a powerful feeling." - Chloé Soldevila

Beat My Distance