Opal Hoyt

ニューヨーク/ブルックリン拠点のソングライター・プロデューサー Zenizenが、7/27にTopshelf Recordsからリリースするニューアルバム『P.O.C (Proof of Concept)』より、先行シングル 'Aja'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Opal Hoyt。

Aja Grant (Phony Ppl)がキーボードとシンセベースで参加。


“When I made the storyboard for the record, "Aja" was always that end of winter time when you know it’s shit out still but there’s the first circadian hint towards spring. It corresponds to a recurring dream I always had as a kid where I’d be running in this field across from my house and this witch figure was chasing me and I always almost made it out of her reaches and she’d create this kind of shockwave that would launch me into a snowdrift that woke me up (all of the outro lyrics). I don’t have that dream anymore but this video is kind of my last tribute to it. I’ve moved on to more evolved anxiety dreams now.” - Opal Hoyt