Yvonne Ambrée、'Elusive'のMVを公開

Yvonne Ambrée

ニューヨーク/ブルックリン拠点のシンガーソングライター Yvonne Ambréeが、6/13にリリースしたニューシングル 'Elusive'のMVを公開!

Yvonne Ambréeはミュージシャン・プロデューサー・コラージュアーティスト・ミュージックビデオエディター。ディズニー映画『ミラベルと魔法だらけの家』のペパ・マドリガル役の国内版歌唱パートを務め、Sleigh Bells, Ann Sexton, Gwen McCraeなどの作品に携わってます。

'Elusive'は近日発売予定のニューアルバム収録曲で、共同プロデュースは Jeremy Page (Czarface, MF Doom, Kendra Morris, That Handsome Devil)。

Sneaker Pimps, Portishead, Massive Attackなど90'sトリップホップが好きな人にぴったりのやつ。メランコリックなムードが最高です。


“ELUSIVE is about human interaction and all the subtleties of being close to someone to being strangers or moving away from each other. Sometimes a loved one gently slips out of sight and the reasons for a shift in fondness and understanding are hard to grasp. It’s easy to hold on to a memory of a feeling even though both know something is slowly dying. In the second verse I am saying :“ Two bodies in a cage of glas, waiting for who’ll break it first. A tale of two, two bodies in a dream. The present is motionless, the past kept in a fortress…”. There is a bittersweet ignorance combined with a yearning for happier recollections of the past. I’m sure many people have experienced love as well as friendship or romance fading out of view. ELUSIVE explores some of the stages during and right after the realization of a human encounter shifting in shape.”



Yvonne Ambree