オルタナロックバンド Yung、'Above Water'のMVを公開

Daniel Hjorth

デンマーク/オーフス出身のオルタナティヴロックバンド Yungが、1/22にPNKSLM Recordingsからリリースするニューアルバム『Ongoing Dispute』より、先行シングル 'Above Water'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Tobias Holmbeck。


“For a long time we referred to this song as ‘The Yo La Tengo Song’. Finishing Above Water helped spark a curiosity towards a less obvious approach to songwriting. Originally, the song had a different ending but our friend and producer Neil R. Young swept in with a slick outro, which concluded the song in a big way. Lyrically, the song is an ode to individuals taking a stand against injustice and structures in society which oppose equality. These people often become the voice and the talisman of movements and generations, something that might come at a personal cost, but nonetheless something that makes way for dialog, discussions and hopefully positive change.”