Yaz León、'DUNYA'を公開

Ayesha Kazim

イングランド/ロンドン拠点のミュージシャン・プロデューサー Yaz Leónが、10/27にMumsからリリースしたデビューEP『It’s Only Takeout Ma』より、'DUNYA'を公開!

今月にシングル'You'を出した Ess_Westがプロデュースを担当し、Luke Bachuss, Seun Folayan, Jack Oliver, Starkey the Messengerが演奏に参加。

8月に出した収録曲 'Silent Mode'がリードシングルっぽいけど、EPの中だと'DUNYA'が一番好き。


Yaz León - Silent Mode (Official Video)


“This project took over a year in the making. It really took everything and a complete character development to finish. I had hoped that where my voice could not carry, the songs would speak louder and reach further. Some family and friends blessed the tracks with love. The EP tells many stories and uses many voices so that it might resonate with more people. It’s less about relatability and more about the personal and the taboo. I hope people enjoy and start conversations”