オルタナロックバンド TV Priest、『Uppers』をリリース

TV Priest2

イングランド/ロンドン拠点のオルタナティヴロックバンド TV Priestが、11/13 2/5にHand In Hive Sub Pop Recordsからリリースするデビューアルバム『Uppers』より、先行シングル 'This Island'のMVを公開!

アニメーターは Ewen Farr。

TV Priestは Charlie Drinkwater, Alex Sprogis, Nic Smith, Ed Kellandの4人組で、4月にデビューシングル 'House Of York'を発表したばかりのニューカマーです。すごい勢い。


“'This Island' is about incoherence and inarticulate responses, both personal and political, in a time and place you don’t fully understand anymore. It’s an unrequited love letter, and a howl of frustration; a mea culpa and a call to arms. We wrote this to an increasingly nationalistic and isolationist drum beat playing out at home and abroad, and frankly we are scared and appalled.

As artists we aren’t offering up solutions for living, but maybe we can extend a hand and let someone know that you aren’t alone in feeling under prepared in your responses yet powerful in your convictions.

That small boats can still make big waves. That we have a world to win.” - Charlie Drinkwater


追記:'Press Gang'のMVが公開されました。




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