Trunky Juno、'Death Metal Music'を公開

Will Creswick

イングランド/ダラム出身のアーティスト Trunky Junoが、10/27にSilent Kid Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Death Metal Music'を公開!


最近は The Mysterinesのサポートを務め、Liverpool Sound City, Live At Leeds, Made Me Like It, Neck Of The Woods, Twisterellaなどのフェスに出演し、じわじわ人気が上がってきてる感じがしますね。


“Welcome to the Trunky Goth Phase. Grab some make up, head to the cemetery and snap yourself a new profile pic. For some people it’s 20, for others it might be 50, and for some people it might never happen, but there’s generally an age at which people decide everything just sounds like Death Metal Music to them now. It’s that feeling of, 'I don’t get this, it sucks’. Do I get it? Who knows, but it sure is fun to Goth up and play some noisy guitar music.”


Death Metal Music
Trunky Juno
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