サウスロンドンの5人組 THIDIUS、'Mention Nothing'のMVを公開


イングランド/サウスロンドン出身のオルタナティヴポップバンド THIDIUSが、近日リリース予定の新作『Inversion』からリードシングル 'Mention Nothing'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは CC WADE。

“the song starts off with a chilled sense of rolling timelessness - of the everyday, developing psychedelically as the 'voice' becomes seductive talking about the secrets of one’s mind, whilst enclosed in secrets. The music gradually builds this growing tension until the final section when both music and vocals begin to ‘flip out’. Conceptually and lyrically influenced by the Bjork track - 'Possibly Maybe'.”