UKアートロックバンド The Golden Age of TV、新曲 'Beast'を公開

The Golden Age of TV


イングランド/リーズ出身のインディーロックバンド The Golden Age of TVが、1/16リリースのニューシングル 'Beast'を公開!

プロデューサーは Lee Smith, Jamie Lockhart (Alex Clare, The Cribs, Submotion Orchestra, Pulled Apart By Horses)。

Fickle Friends, Toothless (ex-Bombay Bicycle Club), Alex Cameronといった魅力的な面々のサポートを行なってきた注目のバンドです。

"It’s telling a story from my childhood, during that cross-over period when I had to be more independent. It was little things; facing my fear of the dark or going to the toilet on my own without my mum standing outside the door. The change and stress manifested into dreaming and imagining a monster coming after me. I'd see it everywhere I went. It sounds a bit trippy. But I guess growing up is?" - Bea Fletcher