カナダのオーセンティックロックバンド Sunshine & the Blue Moon、9月にデビュー作『Welcome To The Future』を発売

Sunshine the Blue Moon

カナダ/トロントを拠点に活動するオルタナティヴロックバンド Sunshine & the Blue Moonが、9/16にデビューアルバム『Welcome To The Future』をリリース!

収録曲 'Sunshine & Lucy'のMVが公開されました。

追記:'Welcome to the Future'のMVが公開されました。

"I'm a bit of a sap, I love the idea of Love. Is there true love? Do we create this love based on instincts or fantasies, or is love itself an instinct? I don't mind any which way, I'm just happy to have experienced, or at least to have witnessed it. I wanted to try to capture that with a warm music video shot on film, giving the impression of a long lost burgeoning romance captured on warm film, maybe found in a dusty box, on a dusty shelf somewhere, to be viewed with a smile, as a reminder, a vignette of the very thing that drives us."
- Kai (Sunshine & The Blue Moon)

Welcome to the Future
Sunshine & the Blue Moon
The Hand