ヒップホップ色の強いロンドンのトリオ Strong Asian Mothers、5月にデビューEPを発売

Strong Asian Mothers

UKロンドン出身のAmer Chadha Patel, Josh Stadlen, Kalim Patelによるエレクトロニックトリオ Strong Asian Mothersが、5/20リリースのデビューEP Lynx Africa から 'Out Of Love'のMVを公開!

"This song is inspired by the burst of energy that sometimes happens when a relationship ends, and the new found freedom that can come with that. It's also tinged with doubts about whether it was the right thing to do, or whether you've lost something that you won't find again, but mixed in with a sense of excitement about the next chapter."

追記:'Stay Down'のパフォーマンス映像が公開されました。

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Strong Asian Mothers
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