ノルウェーのギターロックバンド Sløtfaceが新曲 'Take Me Dancing'を公開

今年4月にSlutfaceから改名して以降も着実に勢いを増すノルウェー/スタヴァンゲル出身のギターロックバンド SLØTFACEが、7/29リリースのニューシングル 'Take Me Dancing'を公開!

“Some people were skeptical of us releasing a song about dancing and getting drunk because they felt like it made us ‘less believable feminists’, but that is kind of the whole point of this song, The feminism we have faith in is all about individualism and being free to be yourself regardless of gender. Yes, we believe in equal rights for all genders, but we also like partying and drinking and sometimes we make mistakes, and that’s OK.” ー Haley Shea


Take Me Dancing