メイン州ポートランド拠点のオルタナティヴロックバンド sequelaが、6/6にlittle italyからリリースしたニューシングル 'Zavander'を公開!

sequelaは Andrew Jackson, Dainius Bukauskas, Gabi Ragazzi, Molly Picone, Owen Bernsee, Zohar Azoulayの6人組。

2021年結成。リリースは2022年のデビューシングル 'Mourning Routine'のみで、ライブ活動を中心に地元のポストロック・オルタナシーンで注目を集める存在となり、これまでに Winona Forever, Hotline TNT, Boyscott, Sorry Mom, Waveform, Stuckらと共演してます。



“Zavander is a song from the early days of sequela’s existence that has hidden under the couch for a few years and is now re-emerging. It should serve as an ode to rotten shag carpeting, high school bedroom shrines, and the eczema on the hands of your first love. Born out of curses and choruses written in Sharpie on walls and windows, Zavander was cut up from shitty poems and taped back together again. Through this, it aims to capture the feeling of pure teenage fear and mourning and splice it together with a retrospective pity and rage. What would happen if your younger self could see the world you’ve seen? Would it change anything at all, or is it actually the case that we have had to see ourselves grow out of the ennui of a cluttered childhood home, and relearn sensitivity from advil on the roof at night?"



little italy