Say Lou Lou、'Above Love'のMVを公開

Say Lou Lou

スウェーデン・オーストラリア出身の Elektra Kilbey, Miranda Kilbeyによる双子デュオ Say Lou Louが、6/14にCosmosからリリースしたニューシングル 'Above Love'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Angelina Mamoun-Bergenwall。

プロデュースは Eli Hirsch (courtship., Suki Waterhouse)、ミックスは Blue May (Blood Orange, Kano)、マスタリングは Joe Laporta (David Bowie, Björk)が担当。

4月発表のEP『Dust, Pt. 1』に続く新曲。


“To think we stand above the most human want and desire to be loved; Elektra had just seen Bradley Cooper’s film ‘Maestro,’ and there was one scene that stuck with her (arguably the best one in the movie) - Carey Mulligan’s character is having lunch with Sarah Silverman’s, and when talking about her husband says, “let’s not make excuses, he didn’t fail me, it’s my own arrogance to think I could survive on what he could give.” What a perfectly articulate way to put it! To realize one’s own culpability in staying with someone we knew from day one wouldn’t be able to meet one’s need.”



Above Love
Say Lou Lou