Saloon Dion、'Pressure'を公開

Saloon Dion
Seren Carys


イングランド/ブリストル拠点のインディーロックバンド Saloon Dionが、5/5にNice Swan Recordingsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Pressure'を公開!

Saloon Dionは Dave Sturgess, Tom Simpkins, Taryn McDonnell, Luke Mullins, Ben Molyneuxの5人組。Football FC, Kimbo Nice, Ratbagsのメンバーによる新バンドです。



“‘Pressure’ is a direct response to Britain’s current economic climate” “Lyrics which were at first deeply personal began to take on a wider meaning as the British public became subject to numerous political scandals, and an ever-worsening financial crisis. The idea of being forced to leave somewhere you love and depend on the help of others in the face of immeasurable odds also developed its own terrible resonance at the time of recording”


Live Dates

18th May - The Shacklewell Arms, London (w/ Grandma’s House)
28th May - Dot 2 Dot Festival, Bristol
19th June - The 100 Club, London (w/ The Rills)
24th Sept - Float Along Festival, Sheffield

Saloon Dion
Nice Swan