Rum Jungle、'Everything Is Easy'を公開

オーストラリア/ニューカッスル拠点のインディーポップバンド Rum Jungleが、4/5にSureshakerからリリースしたニューシングル 'Everything Is Easy'を公開!

Rum Jungleは Benny, Josh, Maje, Frisbeeの4人組。これまでに Lime Cordiale, Peking Duk, Hilltop Hoodsと共演してきたオーストラリア国内の実力派。



“Everything Is Easy is a euphoric feel-good track that celebrates taking it easy and just cruising. We can all get caught up thinking there’s places we should be and things we should be doing, and Everything Is Easy is about taking a step back, remembering to relax and having a good time rather than getting caught up in that kind of headspace.” - Benny


Live Dates

Everything Is Easy EP Tour:

17 June - Bloom, Sydney NSW
24 June - Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle NSW
02 July - Gaso, Melbourne VIC
30 July - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD

Everything Is Easy
Rum Jungle