豪エレクトロニックトリオ RÜFÜSが1月発売の新作から'Innerbloom'を公開


Flume, ODESZA辺りからすんなりハマれるかと!

オーストラリア/シドニー出身のエレクトロニックトリオ RÜFÜS(Rüfüs Du Sol)が、1/22リリースのニューアルバム『Bloom』から'Innerbloom'を公開!


追記:Lane 8によるリミックスが公開されました。

リードシンガー Tyrone Lindqvistのコメント

"For us personally, we were each drawn to electronic music because of the euphoric nature of of it. At its core, it brings people together to dance of course. I’m sure i’m not the first person to say this, but our favourite artists are our favourite because we’ve shared moments listening to them with friends or family that you can’t recreate. Moments that you remember forever.

We really wanted to create those moments for other people with the songs from BLOOM. Innerbloom is probably the most personal song we’ve ever written in terms of where we are at as people. Hopefully, it can create for other people, some of the moments we’ve shared with each other and friends listening to our favorite songs..."

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