ちゃんと心に伝わるフォークシンガー Rosie Carney、新曲 'Your Moon'を公開

Rosie Carney
Deborah Sheedy

1月のシングル 'Awake Me'で一段上のステージへ上がった感のあるシンガーソングライター Rosie Carneyが、4/26リリースのニューシングル 'Your Moon'を公開!

X Novo (Phoria, Mt. Wolf)っていう心にグイグイ入ってくるレーベルがあるんですけど、そこの注目すべき才能です。

"Your Moon is a song written about realizing different truths within yourself or within a relationship, and finding meaning in that truth. I wanted to capture the feeling of realizing that, even though at times the circumstances and timing may seem right in things, doesn't necessarily mean that it is what's truly best for you. We spend a lot of time doing things for other people in life, focusing on what's best for someone else, and trying to please people. But sometimes we have to realise what's truly best for ourselves and what would be more beneficial in the bigger picture. It's about being selfish in the best possible way, and not being afraid to put yourself first.”

Your Moon
Rosie Carney
X Novo