SSW・Rachel Chinouriri、'Beautiful Disaster ft. Sam Dotia'を公開

イングランド/ロンドン出身のシンガーソングライター Rachel Chinouririが、Sam Dotiaを迎えてリリースしたニューシングル 'Beautiful Disaster'を公開!

プロデューサーは Dan Hylton Nuamah。先月行われたLondon Fashion Weekのパフォーマンスでも参加してる人です。

LFW Charles Jeffrey x Rachel Chinouriri



“We made 'Beautiful Disaster' using this visual approach to writing, usually I love to story tell however this time Sam and I sat and imagined a place of isolation and stillness in the nighttime.

We imagine a woodlands and clear sky. We came up with a place and describe our own reasons of why we would be there. When I was growing up I would often go to woodland areas for some peace. I remember the smells, the air, the wind, the stillness. I love people, but I love being alone in nature. Sam had a more abstract approach, with his lyrics and took a more literal approach. We came back with quite different parts and sang it in, the music by Hylnu also felt quite disparate from what i'd imagined, but we loved how it made us feel ... so we called it 'Beautiful Disaster'” - Rachel Chinouriri


Beautiful Disaster
Rachel Chinouriri & Sam Dotia
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