Public Body、'Break From Life'のMVを公開

Chiara Gambuto

イングランド/ブライトン拠点のポストパンクバンド Public Bodyが、10/7にFatCat Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Break From Life'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Jay Bartlett。

今月は TRAAMSのサポート、ロッテルダムのフェス Left Of The Dialへの出演を控える絶好調バンドです。

'Break From Life'は来年発売予定のデビューアルバムの収録曲。曲が始まった瞬間のドライブ感が最高ですよ。


“‘Break From Life’ is about taking a lackadaisical approach to life, nothing is really happening and you enter into an idle state, Realising that you’ve run down the clock by taking a back seat the whole time and not applying yourself. This realisation hits you whilst doom scrolling on your phone, you haven’t moved position in a while and you can feel your whole body aching to be moved, but still there isn’t even motivation to do that. This song was written/recorded/mixed at home using an old 70’s Woolworths amp and 80’s Yamaha drum machine” - Seb Gilmore


Live Dates

12th Oct - Patterns, Brighton*
13th Oct - Moth Club, London*
14th Oct - Strange Brew, Bristol*
21st Oct - Left Of The Dial Festival, Rotterdam
22nd Oct - Left Of The Dial Festival, Rotterdam
11th Nov - YES, Manchester*
12th Nov - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds*

*supporting TRAAMS

Break From Life
Public Body