UKインディーロックバンド PLAZA、新曲 'Speak It'を公開

Joe Spence

イングランド/ハートルプール出身のインディーロックバンド PLAZAが、10/2にリリースしたニューシングル 'Speak It'を公開!

今年は JAWS, Gengahr, Blaenavon, Dream Wifeらのサポートを務め、Reading and Leedsに出演した絶賛躍進中のバンドです。

プロデューサーは Alex Greaves (Forever Cult)。

"'Speak It' is about not being concerned with what other people think about what you say or how you act, always consider the potential consequences of your actions and words because in the end this is what writes your story, but just be nice and don't let the irrelevant things in your life get you down - concentrate on you." - Brad Lennard

Live Dates

21st October – Glasgow, The Priory
22nd October – Leeds, Oporto
23rd October – Bristol, Louisiana
24th October – London, The Old Blue Last
28th October – Newcastle, Think Tank

Speak It
Beyond The Wall