UKサイケロックバンド Plastic Mermaids、'1996'のMVを公開

ワイト島出身のサイケデリックロックバンド Plastic Mermaidsが、10/11にリリースしたニューシングル '1996'のMVを公開!

Plastic Mermaidsは Douglas Richards, Jamie Richards, Chris Jones, Tom Farren, Chris Newnhamの5人組。

この楽曲はEP『Everything Is Yellow and Yellow Is My Least Favourite Colour』(2016)以来となる久しぶりの新曲です。

The Flaming Lipsのトリッピーな色彩と Arcade Fireの雄大なサウンドスケープを織り交ぜたような圧巻のセッションと、ユニークなMVのギャップがナイスでした。

“Making the video was kind of fun but more often hilariously awkward, all of the shots where we were out in public were pretty hard work and we got a LOAD of dodgy looks. Also the robot was pretty uncomfortable to wear, and SUPER warm. There’s probably a bit of deeper meaning maybe to do with how we live in modern life but i’d like to remain kind of vague on that and let people make up their own minds.“