ノルウェーの上質なシンセポップデュオ Philco Fictionが新曲'Talk/Brag'を公開

Philco Fiction


ノルウェー/オスロを拠点に活動するエレクトロポップデュオ Philco Fictionが、来年リリースのニューアルバムから'Talk/Brag'を公開!

'I’m a lover, lover, lover. I’m a force. I’m a mother. And I’m never, never, never gonna let you down - leave you alone.' [With] Talk/Brag, we wanna talk about our place in this world. We wanna brag about our potential as human beings. Tell everyone we are here to love. Tell everyone we want a piece of it. Did someone whisper ‘Airwolf'?

(Turid Alida Solberg)