ポストパンクバンド P.E.、'The Reason for My Love'を公開

Andrew Jansen

ニューヨーク/ブルックリン拠点のポストパンクバンド P.E.が、9/3に Wharf Cat RecordsからリリースするEP『The Reason for My Love』より、タイトル曲を公開!

PillとEatersのメンバーが合体して P.E.。デビュー曲'Top Ticket'を聴いたときの高揚感を超した最高のデビューアルバム『Person』が去年出てるのでぜひチェックしてみてください。


“I know the reason for my love - through a gut reaction and an alchemical process. The loveliness of your head on my shoulder as we drive through the windswept countryside cinema of life. A creeping shadow, a reminder of our impermanence, only adds haste to the rapid beating of our hearts. I want to dance it. I want to wrap myself in it. I sleep better for it and love broader because of it.” - Veronica Torres


Live Dates

8/14 - Jersey City, NJ @ White Eagle Hall w/ Public Practice & Parquet Courts
8/21 - Ridgewood, NY @ Trans Pecos w/ Lily Konigsberg
10/29 - Richmond, VA @ The National w/ Parquet Courts
10/30 - Balitimore, MD @ Otto Bar w/ Parquet Courts
10/31 - Lancaster, PA @ Tellus 360 w/ Parquet Courts