インディーエレクトロ・アクト Opal People、新曲 '2 Channel'のMVを公開

Opal People

Joe Goddard (Hot Chip)が共同運営を務める Greco-Romanとサインした新星 Opal Peopleが、9/1にリリースしたニューシングル '2 Channel'のMVを公開!

デビューEP『Mt Living』は9/22リリース。

“I was sent to a big orange bubble in Shoreditch by a man I’d never met where these strange kids filled my head with stories of psychedelic gravel and mountains and fruity green screen effects. It drove me quite mad for some time and I had to get it all out on video for the sake of my own well-being. I don’t really understand it myself - sometimes it’s best not to question these things. All I know is Opal People changed my life.” - Ruf Dug

2 Channel
Opal People