アコギの波形いじり!LAのアーティスト Ofelia K.が新曲'As A Bell'を公開

米ロサンゼルスを拠点に活動するアーティスト Ofelia K.が、7/17発売のニューシングル'As A Bell'を公開!

こちらはデビュー曲'White T-Shirt'。


“White T-Shirt” reintroduced Ofelia K.’s voice to the world - a compelling song worn down to perfection that balances wistful maturity with a certain earnest and eternally young expression. Not quite pop, not quite anything else, the young singer-songwriter showcases beautiful symmetry with her music somewhere between an unrepressed journal entry, a comforting arm around the shoulder and her smoky, shimmering glare, her eyes so knowingly staring into you.

Following up with another song off her highly-anticipated forthcoming solo EP, here’s what Ofelia K. had to say about the Doctor Rosen Rosen-produced “As A Bell.”

"I love all the deliberate intricacies of the production and blending of musical styles in this song. It’s an unpredictable journey…by the time it’s over I’m someplace new. Most of the lyrics came to me very quickly and felt like advice, a reminder to focus on what’s real and not what the mind makes up."