オルタナ・ポップアーティスト Nora Lilith、'Wake'を公開

Nora Lilith
Kate Dannenmaier


テキサス州オースティン拠点のシンガー・プロデューサー Nora Lilithが、10/13にMajestic Casual RecordsからリリースしたデビューEP『Daysof8』より、'Wake'を公開!

Nora Lilithは、Sylvan Essoなどと共演し、ACL, SXSWなどのフェスへ出演していた NÄMの元メンバーによるソロプロジェクト。



“This EP to me feels like an assortment of sonic experiments and inner world reflections. I feel like the energetic range of these tracks is a direct outcome of the varying timelines these tracks were created on, some very old and some newer, and some written on the same day. Over all, these songs lyrically all share an element of malaise, while instrumentally express both a sanguine yet broody attitude. That juxtaposition feels connected to what I’ve mentioned in my bio; the symbol of Lilith and how it, to me, represents a regaining of strength in what would otherwise be considered darkness... This project to me is a reflection of that journey of overcoming inner turmoil through curiosity and allowing the freedom to appreciate my creations and my being in the wake of fear.”


Nora Lilith
Majestic Casual