Night Rites、'Dark Patterns'を公開


オーストラリア/アデレード拠点のサイケデリックロックバンド Night Ritesが、4/8にリリースしたニューシングル 'Dark Patterns'を公開!

Night Ritesは Rhys Overall, Adam Vanderwerf, Peter Blundenの3人組。

レコーディングは Matt Schultz (The Empty Threats, Tiles)とメンバーのPeter Blundenが行い、ミックス・マスタリングはSpaceflight Recordsを経営する Brett Orrison (The Black Angels, Jack White)が担当。



“The idea behind Dark Patterns was to explore the theme of power and manipulation through technology. It’s an idea that makes people feel uneasy, so we wanted to capture that musically by creating a feeling of anxious energy using fuzzed guitars, driving drums and crunchy bass. The narrative itself plays on the design concept of Dark Patterns and explores it from two different perspectives - from those who use it and from those who are used by it. A husky vocal represents the former to give the feeling of secrecy and darkness, while a louder vocal represents the latter to give a sense of frustration and awakening. The story is ultimately one of redemption and of breaking free from the mold” – Rhys


Live Dates

15/04 w/ Tumbleweed (NSW) at the Gov, Adelaide AU
29/04 w/ TBA at the Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide AU
14/05 Dark Transmissions 2 at Uni Bar, Adelaide AU