Classixx, Superhumanoids, Kissesのメンバーによるコラボプロジェクト Mt. SiがデビューEPを発売

Michael David (Classixx), Sarah Chernoff (Superhumanoids), Jesse Kivel (Kisses)の3人によるコラボレーションプロジェクト Mt. Siが、2/5にCascineからリリースするEP Limits より、'Either / Or'を公開!

こちらはJesse Kivelのコメント

“We’re all friends who originally got together to work on songs for the first Classixx album, Mike and I wrote a track that I was supposed to sing, but Sarah came in and stole the show.

From there we realized that we had good chemistry as a trio, writing and producing in a subtle, refined way. We’ve been slowly chipping away at songs for almost four years now.

A relaxed and loose approach to the project, never settling until we have a great track has been one of the guiding principles.”


Mt. Si