イングランド/ブライトン・マンチェスター拠点の Jack Watts, Oliver Spaldingによるオルタナティヴフォークバンド Memorialが、4/3にReal Kind Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Silver'のMVを公開!

制作は Dylan Friese-Greene。


プロデュース・ピアノ Tommy Read、ベース・シンセ・共同プロデュース Lomelda、ドラム Kyle Dugger、ストリングス Cody Green。

今年に入ってから出してるアルバム曲がどれも良い。Lucy Rose主宰のReal Kindって、彼らと Samantha Crain, Bess Atwellしかいないけど全員個性豊かで素晴らしい曲を書く人しかいない。3組だけなんでフォークっぽい音が好きな人は全部チェックするのをおすすめします。


“Silver is about betrayal within friendships. This centres around how some friendships, particularly working relationships, feel so important that there can be a heavy focus on protecting it, which can lead to isolation. Being within that involves sacrifice in other important aspects of life such as romantic relationships, pastimes and opinions. We witnessed a friend dedicate years of their life to a working friendship, which became an important part of their identity. We witnessed them exiled in absence of validity. We wrote from their perspective, adjusting to life outside of this group, the feeling of abandonment but also witnessing the power of their independence. It's also about the support from a soulmate who provides a place of safety and stability that can't be affected by any outside influence.”



Real Kind