MAX RAD、'Play Dead'を公開

イングランド/デボン出身のプロデューサー・ソングライター MAX RADが、9/25にThree Signからリリースしたニューシングル 'Play Dead'を公開!



“I wrote this song at the same time as 'Flesh & Blood'. I took a few things with me to record and set up in the living room of a cottage by the sea. 'Play Dead' came about very quickly - it seemed to unravel and slot in to place fairly seamlessly. There has only ever been one version of this track, there's often a kind of magic in capturing a song in it's embryonic stages that you can't seem to recreate, so I finished it down there and it actually hasn't changed since.”


Live Dates

13th November – London, Corsica Studios
14th November – Bristol, Louisiana
15th November – Manchester, YES!

Play Dead
Three Sign