インディーロックバンド Marsicans、'Can I Stay Here Forever (pt. II)'を公開

イングランド/リーズ出身のインディーロックバンド Marsicansが、1/29にKilling Moon Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Can I Stay Here Forever (pt. II)'を公開!

Kaiser Chiefs, The Vaccinesのスタジアムライブのオープニングアクトや、Foals, We Are Scientistsのツアーサポート、ヘッドライン公演は1000人キャパを完売させるなど2019年も順調に駆け上がってきた彼らのシングル。待望のデビューアルバムリリースも控えてます。キャッチーでありつつ、所々で野性的な一面が垣間見えるのが好きなんですよね。


"The UK has been a particularly divided place over the past few years and this song was born out of frustration with it all. My head was (still is) overloaded by news surrounding Brexit and an impending environmental disaster. This song is me wanting everyone to chill the fuck out, stop treating other people as the enemy and just get on with actually solving the problems we're facing. I was going to say this song isn't aimed at one particular side of 'the debate', but that was my issue in the first place. There isn't a debate. People shut their ears to anyone with an opposite opinion, rather than trying to understand their point of view and have a reasonable conversation." - James Newbigging