マンチェスターの知性派 Makemake、デビュー曲 'I'm The Form In The Way'を公開


イングランド/マンチェスター出身のプロデューサー Brendan Williamsによるソロプロジェクト Makemakeが、9/22にリリースしたデビューシングル 'I'm The Form In The Way'を公開!

Brendan Williamsは、GoGo Penguin, Dutch Uncles, Kiran Leonardらの作品でエンジニアを務めた人で、今作には Michael Spearman (Everything Everything), Robin Richards (Dutch Uncles), Amalie Bridenが参加してます。

“I’ve been making this record between the cracks whilst producing other bands over the last few years. The people I was recording began to influence my own music as we shared ideas, so I guess it was natural that some of them would become collaborators. The individual tracks started out purely as an escape, I wasn’t making them for anyone apart from me. There’s been no constraints really, I’ve not had to think about budgets or deadlines.”