私の腰を預けたい!デンマークのポップアーティスト M.I.L.K.が新曲 'U and Me'を公開


You and me, we’re a symphony...いやぁつい口ずさむね!

デンマーク/コペンハーゲンを拠点とする Emil Wilk率いる不定形集団 M.I.L.K.が、10/7リリースのニューシングル 'U and Me'を公開!

“With this track, I wanted to explore something a bit more danceable, Not like dancefloor-explodor-danceable, but just something to soundtrack the stage of the party just before everyone starts dancing. So more like an ‘Oops Upside Your Head’ [The Gap Band] with lots of good times and head nodding than full on dance like ‘Rock With You’ [Michael Jackson].”