Living Hour & Peel Dream Magazine、'Double Bus'のMVを公開

Living Hour Peel Dream Magazine

カナダ/ウィニペグ拠点の Living Hour、ニューヨーク拠点の Peel Dream Magazineが、8/27にKanine Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Double Bus'のMVを公開!

制作は Jake Stolz。



“A silver lining of the past year has been that we started collaborating remotely as a band, and with other musicians. We were blown away with what came to be when we sent Joe from Peel Dream Magazine our song idea. "Double Bus" quickly formed into a dense and mystical sonic landscape with vibraphones, marimbas, bells, banjos, and strings weaving in and out of the song atop a bed of casio keyboards, drum machines and acoustic guitars. Sam and Joe's voices mesh really beautifully together and their singing styles give the song a natural, intimate, and organic sound. The lyrics came from a poem that Joe wrote while listening to a keyboard loop we made, exploring percussive sounds in words. Close your eyes and get lost in it.”


Double Bus
Living Hour & Peel Dream Magazine