ロンドンのインディーロックバンド Lazy Day、'Mumma'を公開

Lazy Day
Eleanor Crewes

イングランド/ロンドン拠点の Tilly Scantlebury率いるインディーロックバンド Lazy Dayが、3/22に自主レーベル Weird Cool RecordsからリリースするEP『Letters』より、'Mumma'を公開!

“I wrote 'Mumma' about my mum, but kind of for her as well. She’s the greatest woman I know, and has made everything possible for me. The song is about being our best and our worst with each other, and being so similar that we always feel connected. I wrote 'Mumma' when I was writing my PhD proposal, when I was researching motherhood and the assumptions and expectations which surround it, so I already had mums on the brain. 'Mumma' brings together my personal life, my academic research and Lazy Day into one place - which is a really cool thing to be able to do.”

Lazy Day
Weird Cool