Valentina Rameirez

ニューヨーク州オールバニー拠点のドリームポップバンド Lavedaが、9/2にPaperCup Musicからリリースしたニューシングル 'Surprise'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Ali Genevich。

Lavedaは Jacob Brooks, Ali Genevichのデュオとして始まり、ライブ時は Dan Carr, Joe Tauroneを加えたフルバンドとして活動してます。

2020年5月というかなり厳しい時期にデビューアルバム『What Happens After』を発表し、それでも注目を集めたバンドで、今回の新曲は近日発売予定のニューアルバム収録曲です。

この時期になると'Summertime'をよく聴くので The Sundaysを思い出したり、Ringo Deathstarr, Alvvaysから、Soccer Mommy, Beabadoobeeまで、おすすめできる層が広いバンドだと思います。それにしても下に書いた今月1日から始まったツアーのガチっぷりもすごい。


“I got out of bed super early one morning with a melody that I heard in a dream. I immediately took to garage band on my phone and made a little loop in maybe 15-20 minutes. After I showed Jake he totally wanted to develop it more so we transferred it into logic and finished a demo. Sonically, Surprise is the bright and happy song of the record. Lyrically it embodies a lot of my personal feelings that came after I graduated from college in the same year the pandemic hit. I couldn’t help but feel low for a while. Once I came out of my writer’s block everything I wrote either had this big sad mood or it was super nostalgic. The majority of tracking for the album was done while we stayed on a ranch in Altadena CA (which is about 30 min outside of Los Angeles). I think it was a very therapeutic process and helped us find some new meaning in a lot of the songs, it definitely did for Surprise.” - Ali Genevich


Live Dates

9/3 - BROOKLYN NY @ Elsewhere Zone 1 (single release show)
9/4 - PHILADELPHIA PA @ The Firehouse
9/6* - RICHMOND VA @ The Camel
9/7* - ASHEVILLE NC @ The Odd
9/8 - GREENVILLE SC @ Radioroom
9/9 - NASHVILLE TN @ East Valley Mansion
9/10 - BATON ROUGE LA @ Chelsea’s Live
9/13 - HOUSTON TX @ 1810 Ojeman
9/14 - AUSTIN TX @ Hotel Vegas w/ Ringo Deathstarr
9/15 - EL PASO TX @ Love Buzz
9/16 - PHOENIX AZ @ Linger Longer Lounge
9/17 - REDLANDS CA @ The Toyota House
9/18 - LOS ANGELES CA @ Permanent Records Roadhouse w/ No Swoon
9/19 - SAN FRANCISCO CA @ Neck of the Woods
9/21 - PORTLAND OR @ Kelly's Olympian
9/22 - SEATTLE WA @ Cafe Racer
9/23 - GARDEN CITY ID @ Flipside Fest
9/24 - SALT LAKE CITY UT @ The DLC at Quarters
9/25 - DENVER CO @ Lost Lake
9/26 - LAWRENCE KS @ Replay Lounge
9/27 - CHICAGO IL @ Sleeping Village
9/28 - DETROIT MI @ Nice Place
9/29 - TORONTO, ON @ Monarch Tavern
9/30 - ROCHESTER NY @ Bug Jar