Lauran Hibberd、'I'm Insecure'のMVを公開

Lauran Hibberd
Steve Glashier

イングランド/ワイト島出身のミュージシャン Lauran Hibberdが、8/19にリリースするデビューアルバム『Garageband Superstar』より、先行シングル 'I'm Insecure'のMVを公開!



“You know when you are so insecure but also sure enough of yourself to attempt to rap - yeah, me neither”, Hibberd remarks. “This song was such a turning point for me writing wise, it solidified the album for me early on. It’s a track about being stuck in your own head, I’ve struggled a lot mentally being a very small pawn on the very big chess board that is the music industry and I think this is the most honest I’ve ever been about it in a track. Saying that, writing it has helped me jump right out of the fish bowl, now I feel more confident and am having more fun than ever.”