フロリダ州ジャクソンビル拠点の Rania Woodard, Brian Squillaceによるデュオ LANNDSが、12/6にRun For Cover Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'HITEM'のMVを公開!

2/11発売のEP『lotus deluxe』収録曲。


“This is a song about meeting someone and trying to be in the present moment even when you know things won’t last, ” Rania explained of the work. “It’s about accepting things as they are with someone you feel like you’ve known before and feeling some sense of nostalgia in that. In some way, it’s also about listening to your intuition and letting things go with the flow and if that means letting go for the time being then that’s what needs to happen.”


Run For Cover